VGR as solution for ed can help to fight prostate cancer

By | October 11, 2016

Chemotherapy drug called doxorubicin in combination with the drug for erectile dysfunction VGR – one of the top ed pills can become more effective in the treatment of prostate cancer, according to information of recently made analysis. Researchers say that cheap generic Viagra enhances the capacity of doxorubicin to fight tumors.
Nevertheless, studies have been conducted on mice, and require still additional study to determine whether the results were just as effective in treating people.

For more than four decades, doxorubicin was used in the treatment of many forms of cancer, not excluding prostate cancer. Nevertheless, the drug has side effects. Marked by clear signs of disruption of the heart, which often appear several years after treatment according to researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. Scientists have stayed 15 years in search of the drug to protect the heart from the harmful side effects of doxorubicin.
Now, it seems that combination of generic Viagra online and doxorubicin increases the production of molecules called reactive oxygen species that triggers the death of cancer cells in the prostate. Moreover, this combination is absolutely not harmful to normal healthy cells of the prostate.
“We believe that the drug Sildenafil, possessing the properties of struggling with brain tumors and protect the heart from the effects of doxorubicin, could become a good opportunity to introduce innovations in the treatment of cancer diseases – said researcher, professor of cardiology Rakesh C. Kukreja.
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