Viagra and premature ejaculation – best of the pills for ED

By | October 14, 2016

A lot of men who buy cheap Viagra know that this drug can not only reduce the refractory period (time between sexual acts), but it also helps men who suffer from premature ejaculation. This help is not direct, as on the timing of ejaculation VGR does not work, but some improvements in terms of hasty ejaculation is possible.

Premature ejaculation – a very common sexual disorder (perhaps even more common than erectile dysfunction). In this disorder, ejaculation in men occurs earlier than he wanted. For example, sometimes it happens even after a few friction movements.

Of course, immediately after ejaculation erection ceases. However, if a man is able to re-energize, this erection lasts longer. As a rule, the second sexual intercourse is comparatively long.

 Cheap pills for ED, which we can buy today without prescription and via numerous online pharmacies, helps maintain an erection, but it has little to do if the penis is too fast. It should be noted that erection and ejaculation are concepts from different areas. However, by reducing the refractory period, Viagra can help many men who suffer from premature ejaculation.

Some patients suffer from premature ejaculation and can not achieve an erection twice in one night – the thing is that the duration of the refractory period is too large. But Viagra will slightly reduce the time between acts that can wait for the second erection, which, as already noted, lasts longer.

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